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(in English) Scientific Offer of the PSCC: High-level Technology Platforms

One of the missions of the Paris Saclay Cancer Cluster (PSCC) is to facilitate access to cutting-edge technology platforms to accelerate innovative projects, both in the preclinical phase and in early clinical trials. These technologies, combined with the best expertise, are key to the development of new cancer treatments, diagnostics, and medical devices.

The PSCC contributes to strengthening the scientific support for innovative projects, both by using France2030 funds to finance and support academic platforms to expand their offers for innovative projects, and by guiding projects to platforms that meet their needs in the ecosystem.

Two first platforms supported by Gustave Roussy and the Institut Curie

With the support of the PSCC, Gustave Roussy will strengthen its "single cell and spatial transcriptomic" platforms for innovative projects. The aim of these platforms is to enable multi-omics analysis of samples at the cell level. The PSCC will increase both the capacity and the technologies available on the imaging and cytometry, genomics, and spatial biology platforms.

In addition, the Institut Curie is launching a cell therapy platform dedicated to innovative projects. This platform offers a comprehensive solution based on the expertise gained in immuno-oncology related to CAR-T cell technology, providing support at every stage, from in silico target discovery to pre-GMP production of cell therapy products and clinical trials.

Twelve additional platforms to be progressively in operation

Other platforms will be created or reinforced in the coming weeks and months with the support of the PSCC, thanks to France2030 funding. The priority platforms are as follows:

  • Ex-vivo model platforms

  • Sample access platforms through partnerships with several CRBs

  • Platforms to accelerate phase 1 and 2 clinical trials.

Additional partnerships will be established in the future, in particular in the fields of sequencing, biotherapy, medical devices and others.

Improving quality and availability: Comprehensive support

In addition to funding for state-of-the-art equipment and staff during the launch phase of the platform, partners will receive support from the PSCC to improve the quality and implementation of their processes. The aim is to facilitate access to recognized academic expertise within a framework of quality standards development. A process of sharing best practices and continuous improvement will be established with all partners.

Facilitate access to ecosystem platforms beyond funded partners

The PSCC's also aims to facilitate access to the platforms and expertise offered by the French ecosystem, whether managed by public or private entities. Innovative oncology projects can turn to the PSCC for guidance in finding the right partners to meet their specific needs, based on an ongoing inventory of the entire territory. Ultimately, the goal is to improve the quality, visibility, and attractiveness of the whole industry. If you have or are developing a technology that serves innovative oncology projects and we are not yet connected, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Are you interested in the PSCC support to connect with the right contacts and gain exclusive access to partner platforms?

All types of innovative oncology projects, regardless of size (from start-ups to large companies), are eligible for the PSCC support.

To learn more and apply, please visit our website:


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