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(in English) Join the PSCC Connect Association !

The Paris Saclay Cancer Cluster (PSCC) aims to accelerate innovation against cancer for the benefit of patients, leveraging the strengths of the French ecosystem. To bring together the stakeholders contributing to the PSCC community, we are pleased to announce the creation of PSCC Connect, a non-profit organization (French association law 1901).

What is the role of PSCC Connect?

PSCC Connect serves as a platform to catalyze the connections between the actors of the PSCC economic ecosystem. Its role is to:

🔹 Represent economic actors related to the PSCC and gather their needs and ideas.

🔹 Promote PSCC initiatives within this ecosystem.

🔹 Facilitate interactions between members.

🔹 Contribute to the development of the cluster.

Who can become a member of PSCC Connect?

Any organization within the economic ecosystem that wish to contribute to cancer innovation can join PSCC Connect, including:

🔹 Oncology-focused companies, from start-ups to large companies (joining PSCC Connect is independent of applying for PSCC support).

🔹 Innovation partners: CROs, service and technology companies.

🔹 Local institutions and actors contributing to innovation: local authorities, competitiveness poles, incubators, chambers of commerce, etc.

🔹 Health investors.

Why join PSCC Connect?

➠ Be a part of the development of the PSCC!

Do you want to be actively involved in building the PSCC? Express your needs and priorities? Participate in the General Assembly? Contribute to this unique project and be the first to know about PSCC initiatives?

➠ Be part of the oncology community!

Want to join the community of cancer innovation stakeholders? Meet potential partners? Increase the visibility of your organization? 

Join PSCC Connect!

🤝 How to join PSCC Connect ?

Membership applications are now open, and for 2023, membership is free. From 2024, membership fees will be introduced based on the type of organization (membership starting at €200 per year, to be confirmed during the first General Assembly). 

To join, simply fill out this form: 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us:


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