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Apply today to the PSCC and  benefit from the PSCC offer. Applications are evaluated on a rolling basis as they come in. Through the Support and Orientation Office (SOO) team, the cluster provides you access to all the resources that condition the success of innovation in oncology: talents, technologies, network, financing, spaces, patients and associated data.​ By vocation and by culture, the PSCC brings together disciplines (biology, mathematics, physics, artificial intelligence, etc.) and fields of application (therapeutics, diagnostics, medical devices, digital health).

For who ?

We enthusiastically invite projects from a wide range of companies, from start-ups to mature companies, encompassing both those in the nascent preclinical stage and those advancing through early clinical phases. These projects span the entire oncology landscape and include a wide range of innovative solutions: therapies, diagnostics, and medical devices. We support French as well as international companies contributing to the French economy.

A selective approach

The PSCC concentrates its resources where it can make a difference, that is on projects (ideation, creation, pre-seed, seed, acceleration) that are scientifically creative and have very high diagnostic or therapeutic potential. To capture the best of discovery and innovation, it relies on a rigorous selection process and an independent evaluation committee made up of experienced scientists and entrepreneurs. Depending on their ranking, the selected projects benefit from all or part of the PSCC's offer.

"If your project is selected, the role of the Support and Orientation Office (SOO) will be to coach and support your team, to coordinate interactions with the partners scientific offer and to facilitate connections with experts and potential partners.

Contact us to know more about our offer, expertise and platforms as they are deployed."

Lucie Mondoulet, PhD. Member of the SOO


To apply

Fill out the form (link below) and upload your presentation.

Each project's applicant must provide a powerpoint/PDF file presentation in English, with 12 slides maximum, including non-confidential items listed below:

  • Slide 1: Executive Summary

  • Slide 2: Problem/targeted patient need addressed by the project

  • Slide 3: Solution offered

  • Slides 4-6 : The science behind the solution, with a focus on IP

  • Slide 7: Team

  • Slide 8: Roadmap (Gantt Chart type: milestones achieved and milestones to come)

  • Slide 9: Expectations and commitments to the PSCC 

  • Slide 10: List of competitors and differentiating features

  • Slide 11 : Existing funding (secured and/or in progress)

  • Slide 12 : Existing support (SATT, incubator, advisors, etc.)

The SOO may contact you to obtain additional information based on your request.


Our selection criteria

Your application will be processed by the SOO and evaluated by an independent committee,taking into account the project's maturity.

Aim: identify the projects that have the most potential for acceleration by the PSCC.

By joining the PSCC, you will have the opportunity to join a community of promising projects supported by the PSCC and benefit from a wide range of resources crucial to accelerate your success in fighting against cancer.

They are among the first companies to have access to the PSCC support:

‘‘ We received from the PSCC a valuable support, including training for our staff and the connexion to leading experts to help us in optimizing our clinical development strategy.’’

Apmonia Therapeutics:

A biotech company developing a first-in-class pipeline of next-generation peptide-based therapies targeting the extracellular matrix to reprogram the tumor microenvironment.

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