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Why, when and how to include pediatrics in your development projects

We were delighted to welcome Professor Gilles Vassal, from Gustave Roussy, who hosted the Ecosystem Breakfast on Tuesday, April 2, on the topic: "Why, when and how to include pediatrics in your development projects" and how to promote the development of treatments for childhood cancers.

Access the replay now:

  • Learn about European and U.S. regulations and the requirement to prepare a pediatric development plan when your target may address a need in children and adolescents.

  • Find out how our partner ITCC (Innovative Therapies for Children and adolescents with Cancer) can help you from the pre-clinical phase, giving you access to specialized academic expertise, data and pediatric tumor models on a European scale.

View the replay and download the presentation below.


The #PetitsDéjeunersDeLEcosystem: a unique opportunity to exchange with experts who respond to the many challenges of innovative projects in oncology.

Watch the replay (in French):

See Professor Vassal’s presentation:

Présentation Gilles Vassal
Download • 1.96MB


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