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Fresh Science, Collective intelligence, Transformative technologies, Human focus, Massive changes

Oncology has made more progress in two decades than in 2,000 years: mortality has decreased[1] (for all cancers combined, the 5-year survival rate has risen from 25% to more than 50%), discoveries are proliferating, and the number of clinical trials[2] and new drugs[3] is constantly increasing (more than 100,000 trials and 30 drugs by 2021). However, the game is far from being won. Cancer remains the second leading cause of death in the world (the first in developed countries[4]), the number of new cases is rising sharply (due to aging and population growth) and the survival rate varies from nearly 100% to 0% depending on the cancer.


The first lesson to be learned from these 20 years of research and innovation is that cancer is much more complex than we had imagined. To overcome this complexity, we need boldness and creativity but also a lot of know-how and collective intelligence. In order to accelerate the development of innovative diagnostic and therapeutic solutions, the PSCC gives innovators (project leaders, start-ups, entrepreneurs and industrialists) access to the best experts in the field, to disruptive technologies as well as to the data, funding, space and network that are essential to their success.


[1] Global Cancer Observatory; IARC, WHO


[3] Global oncology trends 2022; IQVIA

[4] Variations in common diseases, hospital admissions, and deaths in middle-aged adults in 21 countries from  five continents (PURE): a prospective cohort study; GR. Dagenais et al., Lancet, March 2020



A unique concentration of expertise, experience and know-how covering the entire value chain of research and innovation in oncology and all associated disciplines.

Disruptive technologies to explore the complexity of cancers through multiple models and scales of analysis, from the molecule to the whole organism, from the mathematical model of disease to the virtual patient.





Accelerating and streamlining access to data and ensuring its standardization and interoperability, accelerating, and streamlining access to samples, and integrating a clinical trial acceleration offering

Complementary solutions to facilitate access to funding each step of the way by de-risking the approach, unlocking key milestones and facilitating access to public and private actors.





100,000 m² of offices, infrastructure, equipment and laboratories in the heart of the future oncology eco-district to support the start-up and growth of cluster companies.

Collaborative spaces, conferences, debates, formal and informal meetings to exchange knowledge, share experiences and bring ideas together

Network and news


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