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PSCC Connect

PSCC Connect, a non-profit organization (French association law 1901), aims to bring together the stakeholders contributing to the PSCC and the oncology community. With access to an extensive repertoire and regular meetings, PSCC Connect provides a cohesive platform for the actors of the PSCC economic ecosystem to converge, collaborate, and co-create.


Eric Vivier,
PSCC President

2023 is the operational launch year for the PSCC.

We want to rapidly make a difference for the ecosystem. 
The creation of PSCC Connect is an important step that will serve as a vehicle for one of the PSCC's missions:

to bring together the entire oncology community to catalyze exchanges between players.


Christian Deleuze, PSCC Connect President

It is time now to join ‘PSCC Connect’ and contribute to the construction of what will become a unique community, fully dedicated to innovation in oncology, whatever the technology.
I strongly believe that by combining our strengths and dreams, by cross-fertilizing our talents and expertise, by doing our best to collaborate and by bringing all our energy, we will accelerate innovation in the fight against cancer, for the benefit of patients. And we know we have to.


PSCC Connect serves as a platform to catalyze the connections.
Its role is to:
Represent economic actors related to the PSCC and gathering their needs and ideas
Promote PSCC initiatives within this ecosystem


Facilitate interactions between members

Any organization within the economic ecosystem that wishes to contribute to cancer innovation can join PSCC Connect.

It includes oncology-focused companies, from start-ups to large companies, innovation partners (such as CROs, service and technology companies…),  local institutions (local authorities, competitiveness poles, incubators, chambers of commerce…) and health investors.

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