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2 new projects supported by the PSCC

The Paris Saclay Cancer Cluster (PSCC) is pleased to support 2 new projects selected by its independent Project Evaluation Committee (PEC), made up of academic and industrial experts.

The new projects selected in February 2024 are:

Occlugel: Founded in 2007 by expert clinicians and chemists, Occlugel innovates in the design, manufacture and clinical development of degradable polymeric biomaterials. Their patented DRUGMIC™ technology is:

  • Degradable by hydrolysis and naturally excreted through urine,

  • Easily adaptable to efficiently LOAD different classes of medicines,

  • And allows controlled release of the drug, tunable from a day to a few weeks.


InFocus Therapeutics: Founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and very recently also established in Paris, InFocus Therapeutics aims to use artificial intelligence to discover drugs against undruggable RNAs, in order to address unmet needs in oncology.

These companies will be supported by the PSCC's Support and Orientation Office (SOO) and will have access to a wide range of resources: expertise, network, access to funding, data, samples, technologies, infrastructures and laboratories.


Join the ranks of selected projects

The PSCC is maintaining an open call for applications, offering a unique opportunity for oncology innovators to rapidly advance their project.



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