Accelerate the transformation from science to value for the patient

Cancer risk rises sharply throughout Europe


New cancer cases in Europe each year


are rare cancers cases (~18%)


Deaths from cancer each year in Europe


of additional cases by 2035

The Paris Saclay Cancer Cluster

The PSCC plans to improve the life expectancy and quality of thousands of cancer patients around the world each year by accelerating key milestones in industrial projects for the delivery of innovative treatments: diagnostics, drugs, devices and services.

To meet the challenges of precision medicine and invent the oncology of tomorrow, the PSCC aims to orchestrate strong interactions between researchers, patients, healthcare professionals, start-ups, SMEs, Big Pharma, academics and investors within a dynamic, integrated and virtuous ecosystem.
Anchored in the heart of a major area of the Ile de France region, south of Paris, the PSCC will be the driving force behind the creation of economic value (companies, jobs, international attraction, etc.) around an emblematic building, the ``Oncology Prospective Center``.

With a unique range of services and skills, the PSCC intends to remove structural barriers in the development process, promote proof of concepts and accelerate industrialization for the benefit of patients: acknowledged talents, multidisciplinary expertise, support services, cutting-edge research equipment, infrastructures conducive to cooperation, and capital.

With an international scope, the PSCC aims to position France among the world leaders in the transformation of science into value in the field of cancer.

Our four pillars

Create the conditions for acceleration

High-tech platforms allowing a unique combination of research analysis. Specialized support services to conceptualize and carry out proof of concept. Easy access to biological sample collections.

Female scientist looking at male colleague conducting cancer research. Confident doctors are working at biosafety cabinet. They are in laboratory.

Consolidated and enriched specialized data

Multi-omics and longitudinal analysis data from various sources.  Storage and analysis infrastructures facilitated by Artificial Intelligence algorithms. A dedicated expert support.

An ecosystem of excellence

A one-stop center to facilitate access to multidisciplinary, scientific and medical experts. Access to personalized training of excellence. A multi-skilled mentoring program. New talent trained in the expertise of tomorrow.


An integrated collaborative mode

A unique place where researchers, practitioners, academics, entrepreneurs, industrialists, patient committees and investors can meet. Regular events to share knowledge and create links. Facilitated networking via a digital platform. Efficient and agile governance.

Creation of a dynamic ecosystem south of Paris

The Cluster aims to create an ecosystem to accelerate translational research by bringing together all the players involved in the fight against cancer: researchers, entrepreneurs, academics, industrialists, practitioners, and public and private patient associations, for the benefit of patients.

To meet this objective, the PSCC will host these players in a totem building, the Oncology Prospective Center, in Villejuif, it will be in direct proximity of the Gustave Roussy Cancer Center, as well as the Paris-Saclay Faculty of Medicine (Kremlin-Bicêtre), Unicancer, and a total of 40 companies already located in the area.

Innovative projects will be developed by capitalizing on high-tech research infrastructures: analytical experimental platforms, experimental biology platforms (in vivo, ex vivo), and data analysis platforms. It will also include tertiary meeting spaces that will enable PSCC players, visitors, patient associations, consulting and training centers, start-ups and researchers to meet and develop innovative approaches by combining their expertise.

The PSCC aims to federate and energize the entire region by attracting start-ups, biotechs and new partners, creating a dynamic ecosystem that will accelerate innovation. Through partnerships and regular exchanges, the PSCC will have an impact throughout France and Europe, taking on an international dimension.

Three categories of actors involved in the process

The Paris Saclay Cancer Cluster is first and foremost a meeting place for multidisciplinary players all working to fight cancer. They are associated to the governance of the Cluster within 3 colleges.

Start-up & SME

Innovative players in the ecosystem, these young companies will need to accelerate their model validation and market launch by relying on expertise and advanced technologies


Pharmaceutical companies, as well as specialized companies (data, trial management, etc.) provide both technological and human resources, and guarantee the cluster's ability to transform research into solutions to be deployed on the market

Academia & Education

The major schools and universities and research institutes provide expertise and training. They train the talents of tomorrow. Institutions and partners contribute to putting people in touch with each other and to the creation of innovative projects.

The core team of the project


President of the PSCC association

University Professor – Hospital Practitioner, PhD in Immunology from Paris-Saclay University and trained at Harvard, Eric directed the Marseille-Luminy Immunology Center from 2008 to 2017. Mixing research and entrepreneurship, he is one of the founders of the biopharmaceutical company Innate Pharma of which he is now Scientific Director. He is also one of the founders of the Marseille Immunopole, an immunology cluster.


Executive Director of the PSCC Association

Polytechnic Engineer, Benjamin worked for several years in the framework of competitiveness clusters, in the regions and at the General Directorate of Modernization of the State. He then worked as Director of Quality at the University Hospital of Grenoble, Director of Operations at the AP-HP and he directed the University Hospital of Martinique for 3 ½ years.

The 5 founders

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